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  • What We're About

    The Sparkle Program encourages every student to love problem-solving through engaged lessons and activities.

    Hands-on Learning

    Education Plus Entertainment

    Too many science camps stop at entertaining children with projects and demonstrations related to science. Sparkle teaches the connection between what we see and why, bridging context and content for deeper learning.

    Student-Centered Projects

    Preparing for Success

    Our program is designed to teach students to think like scientists. We offer a variety of projects and activities to keep students engaged throughout the day.

    Engaging Instruction

    Small-Batch Learning

    We don’t compromise on the quality of our instructors. Highly qualified staff are put through extensive training to become part of our summer team. We have certified teachers, college-level scientists, and volunteers with childcare experience in order to provide small group learning. No two children are alike, which is why our instructors know the importance of tailoring lessons to each student’s individual success.

    Crucial Practice

    It's never too early!

    If content mastery takes 10,000 hours of practice, they start with us. Sparkle offers elementary students a minimum of 35 hours’ practice per session, even for students as young as 5 years old!

  • About Sparkle

    Science Projects Art & Robotics for Kids to Learn Everywhere

    Our Mission

    It is a privilege to empower the young people who will cure diseases, innovate technologies, and solve humanity’s crises. The Sparkle Program (Science Projects Art & Robotics for Kids to Learn Everywhere) teaches problem-solving skills to children between the ages of 5 and 15 through advanced lessons, hands-on projects and play.

    Science for All

    Instead of viewing science and math as academic niches which only fit a chosen few, The Sparkle Program teaches problem-solving as a life skill which anyone can learn. We developed and refined our program’s unusual curriculum, which features college-level science topics, to successfully challenge students, regardless of what they may pursue further. We see the benefit of a STEM education in any field, and starting young with The Sparkle Program is the way to go!

    Planning for Success

    For 3 years, The Sparkle Program has worked with bright children at university campuses across New England. In any location our intentionally-designed program and rigorously-trained staff yield consistently positive results. There is a shortage of challenging STEM learning for children as young as 5, which this program has a unique opportunity to fill.